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Bicycle Fitting

Being comfortable on your bike is one of the most important aspects in riding.  Cycling demands a lot from your body because of the arched over bike riding position, as well as the repetitive pedaling motion for long periods of time. A proper fit can improve your comfort and performance as well as reduce your chance of injury.

Bill, the owner of Hyland, has over 50 years of not only fitting people on their bikes, but also riding bikes himself. Combining personal experience with feedback from others is how his understanding of bike fitting and riding have come together and evolved, allowing him to fit a wide variety of bike types and riding styles. Bill will ask you questions about your riding style, things that are important to you, as well as address any problems you may be having during the bike fitting process to achieve comfort as well as maximum performance.

Bike fitting requires you to schedule an appointment with Bill due to the nature of time spent on fitting. Please call Hyland Bikes at 408-269-2300 or email Bill directly at to schedule your personalized bicycle fitting.


Saddle Upgrades

Handlebar and Stem Upgrades