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Hyland Bikes Service Dept

Hyland Bikes Service Dept

Got a flat tire? Hearing a weird noise from somewhere on your bike? Shifting not happening? Hyland Family Bicycles has an expert staff of bike mechanics. They’ll quickly find the problem and fix it. The staff specializes in tuning up your bike so it rides like new. Repairs, tune-ups, adjustments - whatever you need, the Hyland staff will be happy to help.

Hyland Family Bicycles carries a vast array of parts and repair items.They have just the right gadget or gizmo that your bike needs to get up and rolling. With two mechanics on duty, six days a week, Hyland's bike service is quick and efficient, plus you'll get service with a smile. And remember, bike fitting is a specialty at Hyland Family Bicycles.

Looking for bicycle specific tools?

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Park Tool Hex Tool
$8.95 - $12.95
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