New Bike Service Definition

New Bike Service Definition

All new bicycles purchased at Hyland Family Bikes come fully assembled by professionals and will be fit to ensure your comfort by our knowledgeable and friendly staff.  Each bicycle includes the following free service to help protect your investment for as long as you own it.

New Bike Service – 30, 60 and 90 Days after Purchase

One of the most important services for your new bike is our “new bike service”, which we provide free of charge at 30, 60 and 90 day intervals.  This service needs to be done within 90 days of purchasing your bike.  The new bike service is critical in keeping your bike performing at the same level it did when you purchased it.  During the break-in period, the cables will stretch and break-in, spokes may loosen up and bearings may need adjusting.  No appointment is necessary for the new bike service; however you will need to leave your bike with us for a day or two.  We strive to have one of the best turnaround times in the Bay Area, and will do our best to have your bike back to you as soon as possible.

Free Lifetime Minor Adjustments

Once your 90-day break-in period has passed, we will perform a few additional minor adjustments, free of charge for as long as you own the bicycle!  This free service includes minor adjustments to shifting and braking, minor fit adjustments, drivetrain lubrication, tire pressure adjustments and safety inspections.  The basic rule of thumb is that if it’s something we can fix while you wait, it’s free.

Free Lifetime Minor Adjustments does not replace regular maintenance for your bicycle.  We recommend an annual tune-up, which is a much more extensive maintenance procedure, needed to keep your bicycle performing at its best.  Free Lifetime Minor Adjustments does not cover installation of any replacement parts and does not cover disc brake bleeding or service and does not cover service to shocks or suspension.  Free Lifetime Minor Adjustments applies to all bicycles purchased after January 1, 2014.