Premium BMX!

It's funny what comes to mind when you think about Premium; Josh Harrington winning best video part at NORA Cup a few years ago, new kid Chad Kerley getting his own Invitational event with a household brand like Vitamin Water, Conner Lodes and the words "true street", Sean Ricany turning pro before most guys get their license, and Dan Foley filming web edits that get more views than Oprah... No doubt, some of BMX's biggest rippers have shaped the brand into what it is today and it's those exact same guys that continue to push Premium in new directions.

They say that life is a journey, not a destination. We'd agree; that journey of meeting new people, riding new places, and experiencing life is really what Premium's all about – good times, care-free days, and living in the moment. So, the next time you're ready to ride, we'd encourage you to look at things with different eyes, with a new perspective, because if you can do that, spots you've sessioned for years can become journeys in themselves.

Hyland Bicycles carries Premium BMX - so come in and take one our for at test ride.

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