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Bicycle Lessons

Got a youngster who is nervous to learn how to ride, or are you an adult that never learned?  Melanie has had great success teaching people of all ages how to ride a bicycle.  All lessons are booked directly through Melanie.  Please contact her at for more info.

Here are a few reviews from customer's who took riding lessons from Melanie.

Aditi's smile says it all:

decorative imageAs I timidly walked in to Hyland Bikes I was greeted by a wonderful smiling lady by the name of Melanie.  I wanted to get a bike for myself coyly admitting that I don't know how to ride a bike or for that matter ever had a bike.

Within minutes I got  introduced to my new bike in the coolest color, custom adjusted for my height with matching helmet and gloves!! Melanie took care of all the minute details to make a newbie like me feel comfortable for riding a bike.

I was beaming with excitement waiting for the day I will finally learn to ride it. 

My first bike lesson and I like every newbie I was scared I would have a bad fall. But Melanie is one strong woman with true biker spirit. She taught me to believe in myself. To look up, hands on the brake and to keep peddling.

Like she always says "I got it covered. I won’t let you fall."   And she indeed had it covered. I started by walking with the bike with no pedals attached in order to learn to balance it. From running behind my bike, to holding it so that I don’t fall, all by herself, with her constant words of encouragement and her technical knowledge on biking in general kept me motivated and have left a profound impression in my mind. 

In one hour and seventeen minutes to be precise. My husband came back to pick me up from the learning venue, witnessing, what he says was the happiest moment of his life!! Awestruck he exclaimed-- "Really!?!?!!"

I was riding in the sun!

Jennifer's Daughter Learned to Ride:

We have been trying to teach my 8-year old daughter to ride a bike for a few years, but she is so scared of falling. The Hyland Bike staff had her riding on her own within minutes, and without tears! I highly recommend Hyland Family Bikes for an excellent product and high quality staff.

Susan Proved it's Never too Late to Learn:

Having never learned to ride a bike, I thought I never would. I promised my husband I would try to learn. We found that Melanie at Hyland Family Bicycles offers individualized bike riding lessons. After one lesson, I could ride 30 feet! After two lessons, I could ride circles around their parking lot! I was nervous but Melanie was very reassuring and encouraging. I would highly recommend Hyland for sales, service, and lessons!